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Full Website Design

Raana Zia is an amazing author who came to me needing a new website design. She knew what she wanted in terms of the feel. I setup hosting, installed WordPress. themes, and plugins, custom coded elements to improve functionality, and now provide ongoing maintenance so she can focus on her passion.
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They provide the strategy, workforce, and cybersecurity to improve your business.

Full Website Redesign

I worked with this company to first move their website to WordPress and update it for best practices. I then helped by implementing their website redesign, including forms and custom styling and coding.
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Jeanne Sharbuno Coaching

Accelerate Your Business Results in the Next 90 Days

Full Website Redesign

This wonderful coach had decided to rebrand and redesign her website to fit the direction her business was going. I worked on creating a brand strategy guide, updated her website design, and improved her conversions for her opt-ins.
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They Design Systems, Build Systems, Program & Install Systems

Website Transfer & Design Update

ESHA AV specializes in the latest audio/video system installation. They had a hard coded, static website they wanted to move to WordPress with some design updates.
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Move As One

Become a masterful change agent in a world with new rules, new pressures and a new normal.

Website Redesign

Julie Delene is a business owner whose website was several years out of date. I moved her existing other websites into the main one, added a modern design, updated graphic elements, and created a website that pushes towards the new direction in her business.
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Mindful Loving Book

Learn how to transform your relationship into a Mindful Loving relationship filled with passion and purpose.

Website Setup & Design

Diana Baysinger & Kathleen Todd are co-authors who have just released their first book. They wanted a website that expressed the focus of their book. I created a design with a slide in menu, styling to fit their book cover, and a focus on their book.
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You can find repos containing practice code, collaborative improvements, and more


You'll find quick mock-ups and short coding experiments here, as well as challenge projects for FreeCodeCamp.


You'll find screenshots and some custom graphics that I've created in Photoshop here.

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